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“Acquisitions and strong organic growth set new records”



Net SalesQ1 2021

133 908

KSEK ( 255%)

EBITQ1 2021

35 189

KSEK ( 228%)

Net Sales Q1 2021

133 908

KSEK ( 255%)

EBIT Q1 2021

35 189

KSEK ( 228%)

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Company Information

“Acquisitions and strong organic growth set new records”

FIRST QUARTER: January 1st – March 31st 2021

(Numbers in parentheses refer to outcomes during the corresponding period of the previous year.)

•  Net revenue amounted to 133 908 KSEK (37 726 KSEK), a increase of 255%.
•  Organic, currency-adjusted growth amounted to 25% .
•  Operating profit begore depreciation (EBITDA) amounted to 35 780 KSEK (10 430 KSEK),
corresponding to a increase of 243% corresponding to an EBITDA-margin of 26,7% (27,6%).
•  Operating profit after depreciation (EBIT) amounted to 35 189 KSEK (10 714 KSEK),
corresponding to a increase of 228% and an EBIT-margin of 26,2% (28,3%).
•  Profit after tax amounted to 26 743 KSEK (8 441 KSEK).
•  Earnings per share, based on 21 075 598 shares 1,27 SEK (0.53 SEK).
•  As of March 31st 2021 cash amounted to 162 528 KSEK (44 092 KSEK).
•  Costs in connection with the acquisition of Holden2 amounted to 911 KSEK. Adjusted for this, EBITDA amounted to 36 690 KSEK,
corresponding to an EBITDA margin of 27,4% and EBIT to 36 099 KSEK corresponding to an EBIT margin of 26,9%.

Significant events during the first quarter:

•  Canagans Dental dry food, which contains Swedencare’s ProDen PlaqueOff®, has been approved by VOHC.

•  Swedencare AB (publ) has completed the acquisition of Holden2 and part of the purchase price is settled with a non-cash share issue.

•  Swedencare AB (publ) presents new financial targets which are to achieve revenue of 2 MSEK in 2025 with an EBIT margin exceeding 30%.

•  Swedencare AB (publ) acquires Rx Vitamins, an American company focusing on dietary supplements for the veterinary channel.

Significant events after the first quarter:

There are no significant events after the end of the first quarter to comment.

Words from the CEO:

Synergies and business are easy when you have skilled colleagues.

Strong demand for our products, some production and delivery challenges due to Covid-19, many internal projects regarding launches, product development, training, new employees, and optimizations as well as mergers of warehousing, logistics and finance in the US and finally a new acquisition completes an intense quarter!

The first quarter’s net sales of 134 MSEK meant an increase of 255% compared with Q1 2020, while EBITDA profit increased by 243% to 35.8 MSEK, corresponding to a margin of 26.7%. Adjusted for acquisition costs, we reach an EBITDA margin of 27.4%. Q1 offered strong momentum in the industry despite continued pandemic impact worldwide.

As stated above, we have put a hectic quarter behind us. All companies in our group have had a strong quarter, a development that is largely due to active business development through collaborations between our subsidiaries but also due to our goal-oriented work in recent years that is now beginning to pay off. This correlates well with our goal, which is to grow significantly faster than the industry. During the first quarter, we show organic growth of 25% despite some production and delivery challenges that shifted some major orders, which were originally planned for delivery in the quarter but were just shipped in April.

Our investments in the USA and the timing of them are perfect as several new surveys and market reports confirm the strength of the American pet market. The experts agree that the market will grow for many years to come, both in terms of the number of pets and, above all, the willingness to spend money on the four- legged family members. A clear majority of the new pet owners in recent years have a completely new level of purchasing power, which is why we as a premium producer believe that we are well positioned for the increased demand. We offer high-quality products, with a proven effect, within attractive brands and, above all, we make accessibility easy with our large online investments.

In a short time, we have succeeded with many of our online ventures. A proof of this and a fantastic achievement I dare say, is that our two flagship products, ProDen PlaqueOff® powder and ProDen PlaqueOff® Cat both hold first place on Amazon UK for top product in the Pet oral care category! With a newly hired online manager based in Leeds, we got off to a flying start. Already we have seen several successful contributions and over the year many more will follow, such as improvements regarding Amazon Europe which will be led from the UK. I am impressed and positively surprised by the speed of our digital transformations but feel that we still have most of it ahead of us.

Some projects that I had hoped would be completed during Q1 were, for various reasons a bit delayed, some due to the challenges I mentioned above. However, I can inform you that most projects were completed in April such as; production start at our internal facility in Houston for ProDen PlaqueOff® powder, full integration of Animal Pharm to Stratford regarding finance, warehousing, and logistics, moving to new premises in Malmö and some new additions to the organization, mainly in the USA.

In Q2, we have had several exciting start-up projects, including the launch of the Animal Pharm products on Amazon and, which will be handled by our internal online specialists at Holden2. They will also take over the entire ProDen PlaqueOff® portfolio’s presence on Amazon. Another upcoming project starting soon is that our Greek subsidiary will be the first group company to launch Nutravet in a new country. We have hired a dedicated resource for this launch, who during the current quarter will present the concept on the Greek veterinary market. The above projects are all proof of the strong business spirit and the curiosity for new markets that characterizes the entrepreneurs in our organization.

All subsidiaries will launch a number of new products and/or new product lines and I look forward to reporting on their progress in the coming quarterly reports.

During the quarter, we received even more attention in the market from a number of major players who approached us with requests for new or expanded collaborations. I see it as proof that our strategy to grow both organically and with qualitative acquisitions is a success. We are well prepared and have laid the ground to take an even more prominent position in the fast-growing pet market around the world.

A brief update of our markets shows that the USA continues to develop very strongly, despite some coordination and other structural projects. Stratford’s takeover of many parts of the operations regarding Animal Pharm was a large project eminently carried out by the parties involved. At the end of the quarter the store and clinic chain increased its activities due to Covid restrictions being eased or eliminated in most US states. From now on we look forward to increasing sales within all channels, and to fully see results from synergy work regarding product and sales collaboration.

At the end of the quarter, we made another acquisition, Rx Vitamins, founded and led by Craig Kisciras. With Rx Vitamins, we add yet another quality addition to our group as both the product range and the organization’s expertise are at the highest level. Other companies in the group will be able increase the number of volume deals that Rx Vitamins has so far not been able to focus on.

Despite reintroduced restrictions due to Covid, our companies in the UK have delivered high growth, partly through great success on Amazon and partly thanks to Nutravet. In addition to growing in the UK, Nutravet has managed to get many products approved in South Korea, an already strong market for Swedencare. An initial order has been sent and we expect a second larger order to be shipped already in Q2. The organization has also recruited a well needed Operations Director, who will be crucial in managing Nutravet’s future growth.

Also, in the rest of Europe, we have noted growth with record quarters in both Spain and Greece and stable sales in France and the Nordic countries. Regarding France, a major change is taking place now that Hans Persson, to whom we can credit ProDen PlaqueOff®‘s success in Central Europe, has decided to retire. Hans introduced the product more than 15 years ago in France as well as on several European markets. Hans has successfully built a large network, which his newly recruited successors will manage and develop.

Moreover, I look forward to our European launch of PetMD® on Amazon, a project that will start in Q2.

As for our other markets, Asia has continued to grow with, above all, a large order to China. For South Korea and Japan, things look good, though we delivered slightly less than usual during this quarter, but this is being remedied in the current quarter. Several new products will be launched in South Korea, and in Japan we will broaden the sales channels for our powder product and launch new flavors of our Dental Bones.

On the acquisition side, we are contacted by many companies, who for various reasons want to be part of our group. We follow the plan laid down and prioritize profitable and growth-driven companies that share our entrepreneurial focus. We are interested in both strong product and brand companies as well as distribution companies in attractive markets. Based on our success in Ireland and Texas, as well as due to some challenges we have experienced in getting the desired volumes on time from our manufacturing partners around the world, we also explore opportunities to grow further in production capability.

I want to express my gratitude for a fantastic organization, amazing customers and for the interest from investors around the world. My hope is that in the coming quarters we all can start to return to a more normal way of living and traveling, allowing more customer meetings IRL!

Håkan Lagerberg, CEO
Malmö, April 29th 2021

Read the interim report in its entirety here:    (Print)    (Screen)

Håkan Lagerberg, CEO
Tel: +46 (0)735-170 170, E-mail:
Jenny Graflind, CFO
Tel: +46 (0)739-448 554, E-mail:

Swedencare develop, produce partly in own factory, market and sell premium products on the global and fast-growing market within animal healthcare for cats, dogs and horses. The Company has a wide range of strong brands and products within most therapy areas, which includes own vet-exclusive brands as well as ProDen PlaqueOff® as the largest for oral health to dogs and cats. Swedencare’s headquarter is located in Malmö and the products are represented on approximately fifty markets in all parts of the world to veterinarians, pet shops and online through a distribution network including eleven subsidiaries as well as an international distribution network. Swedencare’s sales have increased significantly over the last few years with strong margins and profits.

This information is information that Swedencare AB (publ) is required to disclose in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation and the Securities Market Act. The information was submitted for publication on April 29, 2021 08.00 CET.

Calendar Period: 2021/2022
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29 July, 2021 Interim Report Q2 2021
28 October, 2021 Interim Report Q3 2021
17 February, 2022 Year-end report 2021
28 April, 2022 Interim Report Q1 2022
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ISIN-code: SE0008294078
Shortname: SECARE

Certified Adviser:
FNCA Sweden AB – phone: +46(0)8 528 00 399 – Email: – Address: Box 5807, 102 48 Stockholm, Sweden

Analysts and other monitoring
ABG Sundal Collier – Johan Brown – Email: – phone: +46(0)8 566 286 51

Pareto Securities – Christian Lee – Email: – phone: +46(0)8 402 52 67
Swedencare Initiation report 20201203
Dividend policy
Swedencare will pay a dividend that takes into account the Group’s earnings development, consolidation and investment needs,
liquidity and financial position. The goal is to pay a dividend of 40 percent of the profit after tax.

Decision on dividend
The Annual General Meeting agreed on a dividend for the financial year 2020 of 0.80 SEK per share.


Ownership structure per latest quarterly report
Name No. of shares Ownership (%)
JCC GROUP INVEST SWEDEN AB (Johan Bergdahl through bolag) 1,517,351 7.2%
DNCA INVESTMENTS 1,184,869 5,6%
MASTAN AB (Håkan Lagerberg through bolag) 1,110,362 5.3%
SHB FONDER 809,072 3.8%
MATTHEW SHAW – MD Nutravet 580,769 2.7%
MARTIN SHIMKO – MD Swedencare USA 280,000 1.3%
ENTER FONDER 279,710 1,3%
JASON BRAUN – MD Animal Pharm 251,994 1.2%
ODIN FONDER 250,000 1,2%
Others 6,049,310 28.7%
Total 21,084,475 100%
Free Float* 12,444,812 59,0%

Holdings include related parties.
* Shares not owned by board members, management, their close related parties,
shareholders with more than 10% or which are part of a lockup agreement.

Ownership structure per latest month

15 Largest shareholders
Name Shares Shareholding (%) Votes (%)
HÅKAN SVANBERG & CO HEALTH CARE AB 4,631,455 21.97% 21.97%
JCC GROUP INVEST SWEDEN AB (Johan Bergdahl) 1,517,351 7.20% 7.20%
DNCA FINANCE S.A 1,184,869 5.62% 5.62%
MASTAN AB (Håkan Lagerberg) 1,110,362 5.27% 5.27%
HANDELSBANKEN FONDER 1,019,350 4.83% 4.83%
AMF PENSION & FONDER 959,500 4.55% 4.55%
SEB FONDER 809,072 3.84% 3.84%
AKTIA ASSET MANAGEMENT 604,196 2.87% 2.87%
MATTHEW SHAW 580,769 2.75% 2.75%
BERENBERG FUNDS 394,804 1.87% 1.87%
MARTIN SHIMKO 280,000 1.33% 1.33%
ENTER FONDER 279,710 1.33% 1.33%
JASON BRAUN 251,994 1.20% 1.20%
Others 6,717,487 31.86% 31.86%
Sum 2021-03-31 21,084,475 100% 100%

Geographical distribution
Country Amount of known owners Shares Shareholding (%) Votes (%)
SWEDEN 12,091 14,398,458 68.29% 68.29%
FRANCE 9 1,461,042 6.93% 6.93%
UNITED STATES 14 1,008,914 4.80% 4.80%
FINLAND 114 1,006,920 4.78% 4.78%
GERMANY 13 785,020 3.72% 3.72%
UNITED KINGDOM 13 746,349 3.54% 3.54%
LUXEMBURG 11 347,173 1.65% 1.65%
NORWAY 20 274,495 1.30% 1.30%
NEW ZEALAND 1 150,000 0.71% 0.71%
SWITZERLAND 11 77,124 0.37% 0.37%
Other countries 96 18,070 0.09% 0.09%
Anonymous ownership 810,910 3.83% 3.83%
Sum 2021-03-31 12,394 21,084,475 100% 100%

Ownership distribution by holding Amount of owners Capital (%) Votes (%) Number of known owners
1 – 100 248,775 1.18% 1.18% 10,182
101 – 250 179,466 0.85% 0.85% 1,101
251 – 1000 404,037 1.92% 1.92% 818
1001 – 5000 383,481 1.82% 1.82% 198
5001 – 25000 411,630 1.95% 1.95% 39
25001 – 100000 1,468,613 6.97% 6.97% 25
100001 – 500000 4,760,639 22.59% 22.59% 22
500001 – 1000000 2,953,537 14.01% 14.01% 4
1000001 – 9,463,387 44.88% 44.88% 5
Anonymous ownership 810,910 3.83% 3.83%
Sum 2021-03-31 21,084,475 100% 100% 12,394


*Per 2021-03-31

Type of Concentration Concentration Shareholding (%) Votes (%) Shares
The 10 largest owners 10 61.07% 61.07% 12,875,924
The 20 largest owners 20 73.16% 73.16% 15,424,915
The 30 largest owners 30 80.91% 80.91% 17,057,563
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Årsstämma 2021

Årsstämma 2021

Legal Organization /
Board and Management.

Swedencare AB (publ)-Legal Organization


The parent company Swedencare AB (publ) is responsible for the strategy, business planning and management. This is done by the control of trademarks and patents, sales rights, cooperation agreements and as parent company of the subsidiaries. The Company and headquarter is located at Medeon Science Park in Malmö, Sweden.

Subsidiaries/Sales Company

Swedencare owns 100% of the shares to all subsidiaries/sales companies which are responsible for the sales and marketing for its individual regions. The subsidiaries provide a monthly financial report as well as a sales progress to Swedencare. The group also have a common ERP-system where orders and invoices are registered. The system enable an effective production planning at the same time as the subsidiaries can track the order progress. Through the local market knowledge of the subsidiaries the marketing can be customized and the local customer preferences and new products can easily and effectively be identified. The subsidiaries are located and managed in Greece, Spain, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden and the US.

Board of Directors (BoD) and Management

The Board of Directors are responsible for the Company’s strategic and financial targets and, together with the management, for the strategic planning. In the BoD, there is an extensive experience of international sales and marketing as well as a wide international network. The Managing Director and CFO are responsible to provide a business plan in line with the BoDs strategic and financial targets. They are also responsible for financial planning, and questions and communication with the stock exchange. The CEO of the Company, together with the managing directors of the subsidiaries, is a management team responsible for product development as well as sales and marketing.

Board of Directors of Swedencare

Swedencare AB (publ)-Board-Members

Swedencare AB (publ)-Board-Member-Per-Malmstrom
Per Malmström
President of the Board since 2014 – Born 1961.

•  Background from the financial sector, among others SEB, Aragon Fondkommission, CFO at Adera AB 1998-2001 (Addnode AB), as well as several Board assignments. Bachelor of economics from Örebro Högskola.

•  Managing Director and member of the board at Per Malmström Consulting AB. President of the board in K3 Nordic AB, K3 Travel AB, SVANBERG & CO INVEST AB, Creative Tools, Northway Partners, Deligate AB.

Independent in relation to the company/company management: Yes
Independent in relation to the company’s major owners: No
Holding*:  123 000 shares

Swedencare AB (publ)-Board-Member-Hakan-Lagerberg
Håkan Lagerberg
Member of the board since 2014 – Born 1968.

•  International experience from leading positions in private and public companies. International Jur. Kand from Lunds University. Post graduate in International Trade Law from University of Torino in Italy.

•  Chairman of the Board of One CC AB. Member of the Board of Directors of Polygiene AB (publ), HAOLAG AB and Mastan AB.

Independent in relation to the company/company management: No
Independent in relation to the company’s major owners: No
Holding*:  1 110 362 shares

Swedencare AB (publ)-Board-Member-Johan-Bergdahl
Johan Bergdahl
Member of the board since 2014 – Born 1970.

•  Entrepreneur and owner to several companies within sales, IT and property management. Degree in Market economy from Nercia Business School.

•  President of the board in Local Market Sweden AB and BR Group AB. Member of the board in Comera AB, JCC Group AB, JCC Group Invest AB, Junikvisten 10 AB, Rostastrand Holding AB, BR Group Holding AB, BR Group Fastigheter AB, Storgatan Fastigheter AB and Trygghandel AB.

Independent in relation to the company/company management: Yes
Independent in relation to the company’s major owners: No
Holding*:  1 517 351 shares

Swedencare AB (publ)-Board-Member-Tomas-Eklund
Thomas Eklund
Member of the board since 2016 – Born 1967.

•  Advisor to Patricia AB (Investor AB) and former Managing Director of Investor Growth Capital in Europe.
Extensive experience of investments and business development within the healthcare market.
•  Chairman of the Board of Sedana Medical AB (publ).

•  Board member of Boule Diagnostics AB, Biotage AB, Rodebjer Form AB and Immedica Pharma AB.

Independent in relation to the company/company management: Yes
Independent in relation to the company’s major owners: Yes
Holding*:  190 000 shares

Swedencare AB (publ)-Board-Member-Hakan-Svanberg
Håkan Svanberg
Member of the board since 2014 – Born 1957.

•  Entrepreneur and owner to several companies within IT, travel and finance. Master in Philosophy from Örebro University.

•  Managing Director in SVANBERG & CO INVEST AB. Member of the board in Creative Tools, Deligate AB, EyeonID Group AB, K3 Nordic AB, SVANBERG & CO INVEST AB, H. Svanberg Software Holding, Northway Partners, Svanberg Factoring, Treberg Holding AB, Kontosmart AB. Deputy of the board in Chief Holding AB and SWG Holding AB.

Independent in relation to the company/company management: Yes
Independent in relation to the company’s major owners: No
Holding*:  4 631 455 shares

Swedencare AB (publ)-Board-Member-Sara-Brandt
Sara Brandt
Member of the board since 2019 – Born 1963.

•  Vice President Almi Företagspartner, former VP and CEO Berner Nordic and before that senior positions on ia. Cederroth Nordic, Coca-Cola Sweden, Unilever Nordic and UK. Long background from international B2C and B2B companies and broad experience from several industries and product categories such as consumer health and international distributor activities.
Board member of ClearOn and Almi Skåne.

Independent in relation to the company/company management: Yes
Independent in relation to the company’s major owners: Yes
Holding*:  –

Own or related holdings of shares and other financial instruments in Swedencare. Holding by December 31, 2020.

Håkan Lagerberg

•  See info above.

Jenny Graflind

•  Jenny has been employed since 2017.

•  A long international background as CFO and previously as, among other functions Financial Controller
and auditor of global groups, both privately owned as owned by private equity.
Bachelor of Science Management from Florida Atlantic University.

Board member of USWE.
Number of Shares in Swedencare:  35 000 shares.

Responsible at Swedencare’s subsidiaries
Jason Braun
MD of the subsidiary Animal Pharm Care USA Inc

•  Jason has been employed since 2003.

•  Over 25 years of experience from the animal health industry. Founder and MD of Animal Pharmaceuticals since 2003.
Degree from Florida Atlantic University.

No other assignments.
Number of Shares in Swedencare:  251 994 shares.

Ed Holden
Ed Holden
MD of the subsidiary Holden2 LLC

•  Ed has been employed since 2011.

•  Over 10 years of experience in Internet Marketing and eCommerce. Founder and MD of Holden2 since 2011.
Degree in Management Information Systems from Loras College.

No other assignments.
Number of Shares in Swedencare:  59 920 shares.

John Leonard
MD of the subsidiaries Swedencare UK Ltd and Swedencare Ireland

•  John has been employed since 2004.

•  Over 20 years of experience from the Oralhealth industry as Sales Manager at TePe and Colgate and development manager at CTS dental.
HND Business & Finance from Teesside University.

No other assignments.
Number of Shares in Swedencare:  83 703 shares.

Brian Nugent
MD of the subsidiary StratfordCare USA Inc

•  Brian has been employed since 2011.

•  Over 20 years experience as founder, COO and CEO of multiple successful animal health companies based in the United States.
Prior to Animal Health, Brian worked in Operations Management for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League (NFL).
Bachelor of Science in Multi-National Business Operations from the Florida State University.

No other assignments.
Number of Shares in Swedencare:  17 538 shares.

Hans Persson
MD of the subsidiary SARL Buccosanté

•  Hans is employed since 2008.

•  Experience of international marketing, distribution and sales as well as 25 years of experience in leading smaller companies in the French market.
Engineering degree and degree in market economy from Lund.

No other assignments.
Number of Shares in Swedencare:  199 750 shares.

Ioanna Psychogiou
Ioanna Psychogiou
Country Manager of the subsidiary Biovet

•  Ioanna has been employed since 2012.

•  Background as manager of Biovet and experience in the pet and veterinary markets.
Physics Degree and Master’s Degree in Electronic Telecommunication of Technology.

No other assignments.
Number of Shares in Swedencare:  31 358 shares.

Matthew Shaw
MD of the subsidiary Nutravet UK Ltd

•  Matthew has been employed since 2008.

•  Entrepreneurial background across various sectors. Expertise in building brands with a keen eye for detail
particularly in product development, sales & marketing.
Founded Nutravet in 2008, which has grown to be the number 1 vet exclusive nutraceutical brand in the UK.

No other assignments.
Number of Shares in Swedencare:  580 769 shares.

Martin Shimko
MD of the subsidiary SwedencareUSA Inc

•  Martin has been employed since 2005.

•  A background as management trainee from NASSCO and the management group in The Bohle Co.
Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Michigan and a degree in accounting from the University of California LA.

No other assignments.
Number of Shares in Swedencare:  280 000 shares.

Raquel Tosca
Country Manager of the subsidiary Swedencare Spain SLU

•  Raquel has been employed since 2019.

•  An international background of international business, marketing and communication at the latest from the animal health company Laboratorios Calier. Master’s degree in Marketing, Communication & Digital Publicity from UOC University in Barcelona and Inesdi Digital Business School.

No other assignments.
Number of Shares in Swedencare:  -.

Sabine Uhde
Head of the Nordic subsidiary Swedencare Nordic AB

•  Sabine has been employed since 2015.

•  Background as department manager and from the marketing department on TT-line.
Associate Degree.

No other assignments.
Number of Shares in Swedencare:  -.

Articles of Association for
Swedencare AB (publ) (556470-3790)

The company name is Swedencare AB (publ). Public company.

The registered head office of the company is in the municipality of Malmö.

The company objective is, directly or indirectly, the development, manufacture and sale of products within the area of animal healthcare and preventive dental care and other business compatible therewith.

The share capital shall be not less than SEK 500,000 and not more than SEK 2,000,000.

The number of shares shall be not less than 10,000,000 and not more than 40,000,000.

The company’s financial year shall be calendar year.

The board of directors shall consist of not less than three and not more than seven board members with not more than two deputy board members. The board members and deputy board members are elected annually for the period until the close of the first annual general meeting held after the year in which the board member or deputy board member was appointed.

For audit of the company’s annual report, the accounts and the administration of the board of directors and managing director, not less than one auditor and not more than two auditors with or without deputy auditors shall be elected.


The following matters shall be addressed at the Annual General Meeting:

1. Election of a chairman at the meeting;

2. Preparation and approval of the voting list;

3. Election of one (1) or two (2) persons to verify the minutes of the meeting;

4. Approval of the agenda;

5. Determination of whether the meeting was duly convened;

6. Submission of the annual report and the auditor’s report, and if applicable, the group accounts and the auditor’s report for the group;

7. Resolutions:

(a) regarding the adoption of the income statement and balance sheet, and if applicable, the consolidated income statement and the consolidated balance sheet

(b) regarding allocation of profit or loss in accordance with the adopted balance sheet

(c) regarding the discharge from liability of the board members and, where applicable, of the managing director;

8. Determination of fees for the board of directors and, where applicable, for the auditors;

9. Election of the board of directors and auditors; and

10. Other matters which rest upon the meeting according to the Swedish Companies Act or the company’s articles of association.

Notice to attend a general meeting shall be advertised in Post- och Inrikes Tidningar (The Official Swedish Gazette) and on the company website. At the time of notice, information about the notice shall be advertised in Dagens Industri. The notice shall immediately, and at no cost for the recipient, be sent by post to those shareholders who so request and state their address.
Notice to attend an annual general meeting and notice to attend an extraordinary general meeting at which the issue of alterations of the articles of association is to be addressed shall be issued not earlier than six weeks and not later than four weeks prior to the meeting. Notice to attend an extraordinary general meeting other than such as mentioned above shall be issued not earlier than six weeks and not later than two weeks prior to the general meeting.

A shareholder, who wishes to participate at the general meeting, shall (i) be included in the transcript or other record of the share register as of five days before the meeting (ii) notify the company thereof not later than on the date specified in the notice to attend the general meeting. Such a date may not be a Sunday, other public holiday, Saturday, Midsummer Eve, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve and may not occur earlier than the fifth weekday prior to the general meeting. If the notice to attend the general meeting does not state a last day for notification, then notification is not required in order to participate at the general meeting. A shareholder who wishes to be accompanied by advisors at a general meeting shall state the number of advisors (not more than two) accompanying the shareholder in the application.

The company’s shares shall be registered in a CSD (central securities depository) register in accordance with the Financial Instruments (Accounts) Act (1998:1479).

Articles of Association adopted at the general meeting held on March 7, 2016.


At the 2019 Annual General Meeting, the authorized auditing firm Grant Thornton Sweden AB was reappointed for an additional one-year period up to and including the 2020 Annual General Meeting.

The auditor reviews the company’s annual report, interim report for the second quarter and accounting, as well as the Board’s and the CEO’s administration.

Swedencare’s AUDITOR
Ann Theander

Principal auditor
Authorized Public Accountant at Grant Thornton Sweden AB.
Auditor in the group since 2018.

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